The Amigos Cambridgeport Community School / La Escuela Comunitaria De Amigos Cambridgeport

The Amigos-Cambridgeport Community School is happy to introduce new and exciting programs for the Fall season. Thanks to the contribution of the DHSP staff, management, Amigos School Staff, artists, specialist, parents, students and community members, we had an awesome start to kick off Community School Programs and Events.

And now we look forward to working with each of you again to keep the good energy and programs going throughout the Fall season. If you have not joined our Neighborhood Council, please consider doing so this Fall! We would love to have your input and ideas.

As a Cambridge Community School, we aim to meet the needs of a diverse and growing community through affordable enrichment programs and activities for children, students, adults, families and seniors of all backgrounds. Do you want to offer a class at our Community School or do you have ideas of programs you would like to see? Please contact TurQuoise Gosmon, Amigos-Cambridgeport Community School Director for information on how to become a volunteer, instructor or a Neighborhood Council Member. Thanks for joining us this Fall. If you have any questions please let me know!

Summer Camp | July 2 - Aug 17, 2018 
Fall 2018 enrichment class brochure will be available the first week of school & we take applications the second week. Students returning to the program after spring or camp have been cleared to begin. Brand new applicants must wait for the applications to be processed for all staffing needs we must maintain. (Appropriate ratios based on age/numbers/student needs.) We do serve students in grades JK to 5.

TurQuoise Gosmon